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Dear Students,

         I hope you will be better. Due to the Lockdown, Whatsapp group has been created for giving you the online education for  smothly conduct your sylabus.

        You are hereby directed to join the following  groups. If you are not join in your particular trade  group till 05-04-2020 kindly contact your class teacher.

                   1. ITI(W)Karnal-copa-20-1               -  For Copa Section A

                   2. ITI(W)Karnal-copa-20-2               -  For Copa Section B

                   3. ITI(W)KARNAL-DMC-1STYr-13     -  For Draughtsman Civil 1st Year

                   4. ITI(W)KARNAL-DMC-2ndYr-20    -  For Draughtsman Civil 2nd Year

                   5. ITI(W)KARNAL-SOT-20-1              -  For Surface Ornamentation Techniques

                   6. ITI(W) Knl Basic Cos.20-1            -   For Basic Cosmetology Section A

                   7. ITI(W) Knl Basic Cos.20-2            -   For Basic Cosmetology Section B

                   8. ITI(W)Knl-Sew.Tech-20-1             -   For Sewing Technology Section A
                   9. ITI(W)Knl-Sew.Tech-20-2             -   For Sewing Technology Section B
                  10. ITI(W)KNL-S&SAE-20-1                -   For Stenography and Secretarial Assistant Section A+B
                  11. ITI(W)KARNAL-EM Ist Yr-19        -   For Electronics Mechanic 1st Year
                  12. ITI(W)KARNAL-EM 2nd Yr-20      -  For Electronics Mechanic 2nd Year
                  13. ITI(W)KNL-D/MAKING-20-1         -  For Dress Making Section A+B




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